We are a team of creative talents: Professional Photographers & Creative Designers. We share the same passions: Creative Photography & Design. Our crew is based in Malaysia & Penang

Our core service is Wedding Day & Bridal Video + Photography.
We adored Henri Cartier Bressons's ideology – Moments. We believed in Moments in fraction of a second! Moments of Father of the Bride shed his tear secretly when bidding farewell to his daughter, moments of the Groom's sparking eye when lay his 1st sight of your beautiful bride on the big day... ... We are ready to capture your precious memories to be treasure for a lifetime.

We also do event, company profile photo & advertising photography as well. Clients include Sulfolks House, Chulia Heritage Hotel, Sister Magazine, Good Time Magazines, Hong Studio, FRUTTA, IBS, Rock & Takashima.

What make us different from other freelance photographers?
Well, we are registered company, we are all Art & Design graduates, we had been in the industries for years. We understands Your needs and definitely believed in qualities, creativity and beauty of art photography.

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